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Dear Friends and Supporters,


We called you to action to gather signatures all across the First District to qualify to put my name on the ballot this June 12th--and you came through with flying colors. You ended up collecting several hundred more than we needed and more signatures continue to roll in here in the final days and I wanted to let you know, because of you:




My campaign will need your persistence, dedication and your help through November but this is an important milestone we should celebrate!  

I am running for Congress because I can do what our current congressman cannot:  support a progressive agenda that improves the lot and life of every American.  I stand for universal healthcare, for outstanding schools in every zip code, for major investment in infrastructure, for action on climate change, for campaign finance reform, for a rational foreign policy, and for real efforts to reduce gun violence. And I want to stand up for you. 

Thank you for everything you’re doing to send progressive leaders to Washington who want to work together to solve our problems and secure our future.


Committee to Elect John Suddarth
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