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Dear Friends and Supporters,

This is a Call to Action. We need to get our petitions signed NOW to qualify for the primary. As a first time candidate, I have been amazed at your persistence and dedication to getting America back on the right track. My campaign needs that persistence, dedication and your help right now

I am running for Congress because I can do what our current congressman cannot:  support a progressive agenda that improves the lot and life of every American.  I stand for universal healthcare, for outstanding schools in every zip code, for major investment in infrastructure, for action on climate change, for campaign finance reform, for a rational foreign policy, and for real efforts to reduce gun violence. And I want to stand up for you. 

But I won’t stand in the primary at all if I don’t gather 1,000 signatures from qualified voters in our district in the next couple of weeks to qualify for the ballot.

I’d like you to commit to getting at least one Petition Sheet (12 signatures) from your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors in the mail to me by March 10th

Please review the instructions carefully below before getting started-there are a lot of very particular requirements in order to make petition signatures valid.

Once you have any number of signatures (the sheets do not have to be completely filled out for any of the signatures to count), please return them to

Suddarth For Congress

P.O. Box 68

Ashland VA 23005

Getting our signatures is our next milestone and time is running out.  Let’s get it done NOW so we can get back to work on winning the primary, winning the general, and then winning the future! 

I have been called to action and I’m ready to serve so you can count on me, and I’m counting on you at this crucial time.

Petition Guidelines

Download the form below. The candidate and election information is already completed. Please print out double-sided.

Click Here To Download My Petition

§  Petitions may only be signed by persons who are registered to vote in the First District.

§  Persons circulating petitions must reside in the First District and must be either registered voters in the district or be eligible to register to vote in the district.

§  Persons who sign the petition should sign their name, print their name below it and then write their residential address at which they are registered to vote. P.O. Boxes and business addresses are not acceptable.

§  Social Security numbers are optional. They help the registrar verify the signature, but are not required. Signatures without Social Security numbers still count.

§  When you are finished collecting signatures on a form, you must sign the section at the bottom of the back or the form IN THE PRESENCE OF A NOTARY. You can typically find notaries at local banks, law firms, courthouses, car dealerships, and real estate offices who will do this without charge.  Be sure to provide all required information including the last 4 of your social security number.

§  Remember: Signing a petition does not obligate a person to vote for a candidate and it does not get them on a candidate’s mailing list. It simply says that the candidate has the right to have their name on the ballot. I’ve signed the petitions for my competitors in this primary and they have signed mine.

§  A form does not need to have all 12 signature blocks completed to be useful or accepted.

§  The circulator cannot be one of the 12 voter signatures on the form

§  Once you have signatures on the petition form and have it notarized, please return it to the campaign as soon as possible so that we may begin to count and verify signatures by March 17th.  SOONER IS BETTER.  Each signature you obtain is valuable. Whether you collect 1 or 100 signatures, please make sure to return them to the campaign ASAP.

Click Here to Let Us Know You're Gathering Signatures!

Thank you for everything you’re doing to send progressive leaders to Washington who want to work together to solve our problems and secure our future.

Committee to Elect John Suddarth
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