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Single Payer Advocate Jay Brock, M.D. Endorses John

"I am endorsing John Suddarth for Congress in Virginia’s CD1 Democratic primary June 12.

Here’s why:

John has the background, character, and accomplishments—and the policies—to win as a Democrat in a District that consistently votes Republican.
Born and raised right here in CD1.

West Point.

Army Ranger.

MBA Stanford.

Successful businessman as President or C.O.O. of 6 multi-national corporations.

And a progressive—he understands the vital role that government can play in improving the lives of all Americans.
First and foremost for this physician, John gets why Single Payer healthcare is good for America: it is great for people and it is great for business. In Congress, his extensive leadership experience in business will give him the credibility among Democrats AND Republicans to lead on this issue and finally make logical healthcare reform a reality: he will be a voice, not just a vote.

He will be a strong voice for common sense gun laws, including an assault weapons ban.
He will be a strong voice for major investment in infrastructure; aggressive action on climate change; campaign finance reform; equal rights for all; and ensuring an excellent public education for our children.
A student of history with years of executive experience and a deep understanding of the issues—and how Congress works—John has the quiet confidence and the logical, objective (he’s been called ‘professorial’) approach to a problem surely needed in Washington today to build broad consensus amongst his colleagues. That’s a real positive given the current toxic political climate.

The combination of John’s progressive values combined with his proven leadership abilities is why I believe he will bring Democrats together in a unified campaign while at the same time appealing to Independents and moderate Republican voters to win this Fall.
I am proud to endorse John Suddarth as the Democratic Party’s nominee for Congress in Virginia’s First Congressional District."

-Jay Brock, MD

Committee to Elect John Suddarth
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