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Money in Politics

Campaign finance reform:  Congress should be responsive to citizens, not beholden to special interests!

I will work diligently with both Democratic and Republican colleagues in Congress who will work in good faith want to reduce the overwhelming influence of money in politics.  Political campaigns are expensive. Each week incumbents spend many hours raising money.  They become beholden to their largest donors, such as the gun lobby, pharmaceutical companies, political action committees funded by billionaires, and the fossil fuel industry.  Incumbents are reluctant to take action on the real issues facing our country, like gun violence and climate change, because they are terrified of upsetting their donors.

By acting in good faith and by reaching out to like-minded Republicans as well as Democrats, I will do what I can to reform campaign finance and make all politicians more responsive to our citizens than they are to special interests.

Committee to Elect John Suddarth
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