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Time to invest in infrastructure, not give the well-off a $1.5 trillion tax break.

America has a second-class infrastructure.  Go to Japan, Europe, or even China and you will find better roads, faster trains, more efficient airports, and modern electrical grids.  This is because Republican tax policy over the last 40 years has resulted in capital-starved public investment with the idea that lower taxes would result in billionaires and the private sector doing these things.  Well they didn’t; they just kept the money.   Republican economic policies ensure a slowly dying economy and Congressman Wittman rubber-stamps every bad economic idea that comes down the pike.

Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure will put millions of Americans back to work and result in significant economic growth. It is time to update and expand our roads, bridges, public transit, airports, and passenger rail lines. We can sharply reduce our need for energy, modernize our schools and public buildings, and create an efficient electrical grid.  We can improve our health and protect our environment all the while creating secure, good-paying middle-class jobs, boosting economic growth, and strengthening our long-term competitiveness.  This will also reduce our dependence on Middle East oil and increase our national security.


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