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Gun Violence

Let's reduce gun violence; we are all at risk:  Guns don’t die.  People do.

We lose more than 33 thousand citizens each year to gun violence—many, many times those we lose to terrorism—and yet our politicians look the other way.  It’s high time to take sensible action to address gun violence. We can uphold the Second Amendment, respecting the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping our communities safe. This is actually what an overwhelming majority of Americans want congress to do, so why don’t they?  I support:

  • Improved universal background checks, to include those on the No-Fly list, those with domestic violence convictions, and those with demonstrated emotional issues
  • Ban on assault weapons
  • Ban on bump stocks
  • The ability to enforce temporary Gun Violence Restraining or Protective Orders
  • Closing the gun-show and private transaction loop holes

The gun lobby has incited its base with unfounded fears that the state will take their weapons away. They vote in lockstep on only one issue:  unfettered access to guns and ammunition for everyone, including the mentally ill and would be terrorists. They and the NRA have frightened politicians into inaction.  Our congressmen keep the victims of gun violence in their thoughts and prayers while refusing to actually do something about it. 

I will not ignore this problem and I will stand up to the NRA.

Congressman Wittman Buries Head in Sand, Votes Against Bill for Bipartisan Cooperation on Gun Violence Reduction

Once again Wittman has refused to stand up to the Gun Lobby and do the right thing to address America's serious gun violence crisis.  How can you fix a problem you refuse to even discuss? We need a congressional representative who is not afraid to stand up to the NRA.


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