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Climate Change

The fossil fuel industry uses the same merchants of doubt and techniques to get voters to ignore the perils of climate change that the tobacco companies did a generation ago to keep smokers smoking and denying it causes lung cancer.   I will not argue the science here; it’s already decided:

Man-made climate change is real. My argument is that there is no downside-even for deniers-to accepting climate change as a fact and taking steps to prepare for it.


Accepting climate change and taking action to mitigate it essentially means reducing carbon emissions and preparing the infrastructure for more intense storms and a more severe climate. This creates good, high tech jobs here at home, produces products we can export, and lowers the operating costs for our homes, our industries, our schools, and our government. We will live in a cleaner, safer environment.  We will be more energy independent and less reliant on Middle East oil.

While pipelines in general are the safest way to transport fuel, I do not support the Mountain-Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines because:

            a.  The fuel being transported is produced in a way very unfriendly to the environment and
            b.  The regulatory process appears to have been short-circuited.  I joined Senator Kaine in asking for a rehearing, which has been granted.

I am also against hydraulic-fracturing in Virginia and any drilling in the Chesapeake or offshore. 

Richmond County Board of Supervisors Vote To Ban Fracking

Richmond County has become the first locality in the Taylorsville basin to ban hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the process of injecting water and chemicals deep into the ground to loosen trapped gas and oil.

Board of Supervisors Chairman F. Lee Sanders said that, after studying the issue for several years, the board voted unanimously Thursday to not allow any type of oil and gas drilling in the county.

“The major concern was our water supply,” Sanders said about the county 60 miles southeast of Fredericksburg and bordered by the Rappahannock River. “The river is so important to us, and we’re just trying to set an example for other people.”


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