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Dear Supporter:

You already know me and you know my campaign. You know where I stand on the issues. You know why it’s important that we win in November.  I hope I’ve made the case of why I’m the best candidate to defeat Rob Wittman and be part of a progressive wave of leaders going to Washington to get America back on the right track so I’ll get right to the point:  It's Go Time!

The primary is a little more than 4 weeks away.  We are ramping up a massive Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort across all of the 19 counties of our very diverse district.  We are not just focusing on the few areas that have most of the democratic voters.  We are working with Democratic committees, Indivisible, and other groups across the First to get out the progressive vote, not just for my campaign but for all of us.  We want to set the stage to win this fall in areas that are traditionally very red.  If you ever wanted to be part of progressive change, please step up now. 

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Here’s where your contribution goes:
$25    (100) hundred palm cards.  We need 10,000
$50     (10) buttons, stickers, & shirts for canvassers. We need 200
$50     One pizza party for phone bankers & canvassers. We need 50
$100   (25) Yard Signs. We need 250
$100   Five FaceBook Ads.  We need 50
$250    (400) Direct Mail pieces.  We need 30,000
$500     One week of rural radio advertising. We need two
$1,000   One week of digital media outreach
$1,000   One week billboard in traffic clogged Northern Virginia
$1,000   Field organizers in five counties.  We need 19
$2,700   Our eternal gratitude

Or send a check to:
Suddarth For Congress
P.O. Box 68
Ashland, VA 23005
Kindest Regards,

John Suddarth
Democratic Candidate 
Virginia's Historic First District


Committee to Elect John Suddarth
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